I am excited to announce that snailworxmusic.com

 is offering my new CD,


"Christmas in a Style," </a>Channeling Floyd


on their website, and have also made it available on ITunes! Just search the title and you can listen to samples. What does it mean, "Channeling Floyd?"



Floyd Cramer was a pianist of my youth who was very influential in my musical life. This was true not only for his style of playing, but also for the way his playing related to the people I knew in the world around me like my family, other parents and adults, etc. It was a kind of piano playing that touched my heart, and I felt, the heart of others. I hope you will enjoy the arrangements. I sure had a good time putting them together a hoping you will find the songs inspiring and bringing a spirit of hope this season.


A special note to Ray Harris and Joel Strote who inspired and encouraged me to do this album.


Thanks guys for staying after me and for your faith in my talent. I appreciate it more than you can know.














Thanks so much to Ray Harris and Joel Strote of Snailworxmusic.com and Scargot productions, have made it all possible